Jana Aspeling was born in Sandton, Gauteng, South Africa. Some of her first memories as a young girl was her absolute obsession to create, but also her attraction to colour, patterns and finding the esthetics of little hidden objects that surrounds us every day.

After completing matric she enrolled at the University of Stellenbosch to study art.  Her love for design steered her into the direction of Graphic Design.

After studying Graphic Design for two years, she decided to switch to BA Fine Arts which she felt would give her the freedom to create without boundaries. Jana specialised in printmaking and painting during her studies.

After completing her studies Jana felt that she was not ready to be a full-time artist and that she needed to find another creative outlet that would give her the freedom to create, but also interact with people. In 2003 she moved back to Johannesburg and decided to study hairdressing which offered her both creativity, human interaction and business skills.

Jana has been in the hairdressing industry for 18 years and is a Master colourist, stylist and owner of Sculpt, a boutique hairdressing salon in Parkhurst. In 2017 Jana picked up her paintbrushes again after a 14-year break from painting. She started with something familiar and focused on portraiture. Initially, she just painting for relaxation and to unwind from the hustle and bustle of a busy salon. Slowly her passion for her first love ignited and in 2019 she decided to take a small sabbatical to explore the possibility of painting full time. The first painting she made during her sabbatical was a floral work and it was sold within an hour of putting it up for sale. After receiving an overwhelming response and with the Covid lockdown and all hairdressing salons closed, she decided to explore the possibility of painting more floral art pieces. Jana feels that being a floral artist fits her personality so well. Flowers are God’s perfect decorations and for her, everything that she visually finds appealing are found in flowers, from their colour, their beauty and even patterns found in their petal arrangements.

Jana now experiments with both Fauna and Flora in her art. She is currently working on her Birds and Blooms Décor range which will be available soon.

Jana has not looked back since basically spending a large percentage of her time painting. Her primary avenue for art sales is through commissions locally and internationally.

Jana sees herself as “reborn artist “and feels that she now finally found her purpose and inner voice as an artist. She is unapologetic about beautifying everything she creates, and she loves immortalising the beauty, perfection, and joy of nature on her canvases. Her love of colour is evident is her designs and art.

Jana’s biggest inspiration for her art is the true happiness and contentment that she has found in family life with her husband and 3 children